Bring Your Hopes.
Bring Your Doubts.
Feed Your Soul.


Deep.  Thought Provoking.  Stirring.  These are just some of the words that could be used to describe the Sunday morning sermons and Judson’s commitment to each individual’s faith journey.

Sermons and Liturgies are available at:   Sermons

Type: Thureson Judson in the search box on the Vimeo website to bring up Judson Sermons and Liturgies.


2/10/13 Sermon by Ron Cottone “Transfigured Life”

2/17/13 Sermon by Rev. Travis Norvell “On being full of it”

9/8/13   Sermon by Rev. Travis Norvell “Rally Day”

9/15/13 Sermon by Rev. Travis Norvell “What if Jesus Didn’t Die for our Sins?”

9/22/13 Sermon by Rev. Travis Norvell “Will modern love get you to the church on time?”

11/17/13 Sermon by Rev. Karla McGray “Oh For the Love of God!”

4/13/14 Sermon by Rev. Travis Norvell “Service with a Smile – Baptism Sermon” 

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