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Announcements October 6, 2017

 This Sunday’s Worship Information

 October 8, 2017, at 9:30 am

Homily: “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!” / Rev. Travis Norvell

Worship Leader: Linda Wingader

Personal Reflection: Beth Waterhouse

Music: Judson Choir

Ushers: Mac Chatfield, Karla McGray, Bill Forsyth

Email Notes from Travis

As the events of this week (from the mass murder to the help of Puerto Rico) unfolded and politician after politician kept repeating the mantra “thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers” I couldn’t help but think of Isaiah chapter one:

When you spread out your hands in prayer,
I hide my eyes from you;
even when you offer many prayers,
I am not listening

Your hands are full of blood!

What good are thoughts and prayers if they do not translate into meaningful, transformative actions. What good are thoughts and prayers if on bended knees your heart does not break. What good are thoughts and prayers if your conscience isn’t tenderized. Thus, the same narrative, the same headline, keeps repeating; like we are all on a dreadful Groundhog Day loop.

There should be a moratorium on “thoughts and prayers” by any and all public officials. Because all they really mean when they say thoughts and prayers is “I’m going to feign compassion in order to protect myself from having to change or admit any fault.”

The core of how human beings respond to these situations is one of transparency. Are we who we say we are? Do our insides match our outsides? Are our hearts in sync with our heads? Do you souls and our bodies express the same loves and desires? This Sunday I invite you to center on these questions.

Peace of Christ be with you,



This Week at Judson

Oct. 8 / Sun. 9:30 am Worship Sanctuary
10:30 am Fellowship Time Ann Judson Room
11:00 am Second Hour Education Ann Judson Room
12:00 pm Worship 

Committee Meeting

Oct. 9  / Mon.   6:30 pm JPS Board Meeting Ann Judson Room
Oct. 10  / Tue. 6:30 pm Girl Scout Meeting Providence Room
Oct. 11 / Wed. 9:00 am Wed at Currans Currans
12:00 pm TRUST Staff Meeting Ann Judson Room
7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal Sanctuary
Oct. 12 / Thurs.    5:30 pm Women’s Strength Training Providence Room
Oct 13 / Fri. 9:00 am Finance Meeting Library
6:00 pm TRUST Auction St. Joan of Arc Ch
Oct. 14 / Sat. 10:00 am Sydney Rice Memorial Art Group Ann Judson Room
1:00 pm Formerly Knitting Group Kathy Urbaniak Home
Oct. 15/ Sun 9:30 am Worship Service Sanctuary
10:30 am Fellowship Time Ann Judson Room
11:00 am Education Hour
12:00 pm TRUST Youth Meeting Fellowship Hall

Donate to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico

In response to the devastating one-two punch leveled at Puerto Rico first by Hurricane Irma and most recently by Hurricane Maria, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS), in partnership with American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA), will launch a multi-year initiative, “Rebuilding, Restoring, Renewing Puerto Rico.”

“Rebuilding, Restoring, Renewing Puerto Rico” seeks to raise $1 million within the next three to six months through One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) to support rebuilding the homes, churches, and lives of our brothers and sister in Christ. ABHMS has pledged $25,000 to launch this major renewal effort, matching OGHS funds already earmarked for Puerto Rico recovery.

“Within the next three to five years,” Rev. Dr. Jeffery Haggray (ABHMS CEO) said, “we will work with our American Baptist partners to restore all 114 churches and nine missions in the Iglesias Bautistas de Puerto Rico as well as Corporacion Milagros del Amor and Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico.”

Judson All Church Business Meeting-Sunday, October 29, 11:00 AM, Fellowship Hall


-Dedication of Fellowship Hall

-Capital Campaign Information

-Sabbatical Task Force

This Week in Adult Education Hour:

Join us for week three of Our Voices Through Stories series.

This week we welcome Tea Rozman Clark back to Judson along with three of the Green Card Voices Youth Ambassadors. We look forward to their stories and our conversation together.  Judson Youth will join us in second hour. Green Card Voices Books will also be available for purchase, and we are sure the authors will be open to autographs.

Coffee and treats, compliments of the Adult Education Committee. Please help yourself to a beverage and find a seat. We will begin promptly at 11:00.

Sabbatical Task Force

If you are interested in helping plan and implement the congregational portion of the Lilly Foundation grant, contact Pam Joern. The team that helped with the grant-writing-Joel Frederickson, Pam Joern, Monica Lewis, Sara Lovat, and Leslie Rapp-are looking for additional members. The church is expected to develop our own path of renewal and discovery around the theme of pilgrimage to complement what Travis’s family will be doing. Copies of the proposal are available at the rear of the sanctuary. (Pam is out of town for two weeks but can be reached by email. Ask any member of the grant-writing team for more details.)

Capri Theater – First Thursday of each month – Films and Discussion 

Next Months feature (October 5) is “Raising Bertie” at 7 pm/$5

An intimate portrait of three African-American boys growing into adulthood in rural North Carolina, exploring complex relationships between generational poverty, educational inequity, and race. The Discussion leader for this movie will be Robin Hickman CEO and Executive Producer of SoulTouch Productions.

Sunday Morning Sharing and Learning (Sunday School)

Our children, middle-schoolers and teens have had a strong and amazing start to their 2nd Hour small groups this fall. They meet for the 4th time today. Continued thanks to the community members who prepare for and facilitate all of the learning and sharing that goes on!

2 CD Players Needed

CE is looking for used CD players for our Sunday morning groups. If you happen to have an old “boombox” that plays CDs in a closet at your house and want to find a new home for it, please let Beth know asap.  Thanks!

Time with Children

If you would like to have an “adventure” during a Sunday service this fall, please contact Beth about doing a “Time with Children”. You can pick a date with her or sign up on-line through SignUpGenius. Thanks!

Stay tuned!

Ideas and plans for the Christmas Pageant are already emerging.  Let’s just say that it will be multi-talented, highly creative and participatory in new ways!

It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race

On October 17, 2017, the Racial Justice Department of YWCA Minneapolis will host the 15th annual It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race™ featuring Sun Yung Shin, editor of A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota, a provocative book where sixteen of Minnesota’s best writers provide a range of perspectives on what it is like to live as a person of color in Minnesota. Minnesota communities struggle with some of the nation’s worst racial disparities. Shin will facilitate and guide a panel discussion regarding current concerns in our community with seven contributors from the book. More information is available at:

Update on the Judson Library

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous with your contributions to the Judson Library. The range of reading options is rich and varied. Please be reminded to resource the Judson Library for excellent books on theology, spirituality, social justice, biblical studies, and race relations, just to name a few topics.

However, the Judson Library will be going through a fall cleaning and rearranging for the next few weeks. The Judson Library is bursting at the seams with books, so it seemed worthy to thin out duplicates and add recently contributed books into already identified categories. Pat and Paul Johnson have done an excellent job providing stewardship on the library to date. Karla McGray and Nadean Bishop have offered to assist them by working on this fall updating project. Your thoughts and ideas regarding the library are welcome, so please forward suggestions to us at your earliest convenience.

As books are thinned out each week, there may be free books “to take” placed on the conference table in the library. Be sure to check to see if there is a book “you don’t need and can’t live without.”

Great TRUST Auction

The Auction will be held on Friday, October 13 at 6 pm. It will be held at St. Joan of Arc church, located at 4537 3rd Ave So, Mpls. There will be a Silent Auction, Live Auction, Heads or Tails, Wine and Beer toss along with Appetizers and Desserts and Wine. This is the TRUST annual fundraiser. The proceeds support the programs and ministries of TRUST. This year’s entertainment will be the Jumpin’ Jehosafats featuring our own Barbara York! Not only will you support a great cause; you’ll enjoy some top-notch music! Tickets are $25 in advance or with reservations, $20 for seniors 65+ / youth and free for kids 12 and under or $30 at the door. You can get tickets from Clay Gustafson or Jim ten Bensel or reserve your spot by calling the TRUST office: (612) 827-6159. Groups of 8 or more can reserve a whole table.

Save the Date

On Sunday, November 19, immediately following the service, we will gather to recognize and celebrate Travis’s five years at Judson. The event will include a potluck and a program. Watch for more information in October. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Jackie Thureson.

Coffee is Open on Sunday

The Youth Mission Funding Coffee Cafe will be open on Sunday. $2.50 for a cup and $1 refills. Donations go to Youth Mission Interests.

Copy of Racism Liturgy

I have received several requests for a copy of the “racism” liturgy I did on September 3. This summary can be found on the table in the back of the sanctuary. Luise Forseth

WaC-Wednesdays at Curran’s

This is an open invitation for you to join Judson folks at 9:00 any Wednesday morning at Curran’s (4201 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis). Put it on your calendar as “WaC” (Wednesdays at Curran’s). It’s another opportunity for us to connect with one another. Just show up and find our group at one of the round tables or a long table. Have breakfast, or just coffee; no agenda or topic-just conversation as we enjoy spending some time together. If you have questions, contact Keith Ford or Wayne Urbaniak.



Mission Giving this past Week

$30 Starfish

$125 One Great Hour of Sharing


Starfish Information September

Requesters helped: 14  Total Aid: $6,156.58 Rent and Utilities: $5,606.58

Food, gas, bus: $550

Monthly budget exhausted: September 6, 2017

 Starfish is a joint ministry of Judson Baptist Church and Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Its purpose is to help individuals and families in temporary financial crises-to serve as a bridge to assist people from our community, who contact us. It is funded by donations. Please consider giving a donation this morning to the Starfish Ministry by designating on your check or on the offering envelope “Starfish Ministry” when the offering is taken.




Gordon Smith Judson Fund

The Gordon Smith Judson Fund (GSJF) is an endowment fund envisioned and initiated by the generous gift of church member Gordon Smith, then created and sustained by the ongoing support of the congregation of Judson Memorial Baptist Church. Gordon was supported by his church to attend a Baptist Youth Conference in Oslo, Norway. While there, he received what he referred to as his call to a ministry which inspired his subsequent life’s work serving for many years with American Baptist organizations. His desire was to provide opportunities for individuals to continue to move forward the Kingdom of God into the future for posterity. Consequently, the purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to individuals of any age, or groups, who are members of or attend Judson Memorial Baptist Church and who have a plan that meets the vision and requirements outlined. VISION: The fund is designed to be used in any of the following ways:

  1. Keeping our Baptist Heritage of commitment to missions and making a difference in the world alive in future generations.
  2. Being a catalyst for creating new ways of doing relevant ministry in the world.
  3. Maintaining Judson’s progressive theology and supporting action reflecting those beliefs related to social justice issues. Here are a couple links to information about the fund and the application for the fund.



Reminder: Sermons & Personal Reflections Videos Available

Most Sundays, the sermon, and personal reflection are videotaped. These videos are posted on the Vimeo video-sharing site at Sermons. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jackie Thureson.



Regular happenings at Judson Church

Choir rehearsal-Every Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 pm (September through May).

Sydney Rice Memorial Art Studio-Every Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 pm (Sep. thru May)

Formerly known as the Knitting Group-Every month on the second Saturday from 1 to 3 pm (September through June).

Spiritual Voyageurs-The first and third Tuesday evening each month from 7 to 9 pm.

Think Three Sunday-The third Sunday of every month bring three items of food for the food shelf.

Starfish Ministry-The first Sunday of every month accept donations to the Starfish ministry.

Women’s Strength Training-Every Monday at 6:30 pm and and Thursday at 5:30 pm in the Providence Room. For more information, contact Marianna Padilla at

4101 Harriet Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55409-1442

fax 612-822-8055

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