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Bring Your Doubts.
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Do you know us? We are seekers, believers, doubters, and dreamers who gather each Sunday at the corner of 41st and Harriet. We are married, partnered, single, gay and straight; we are families at all ages and stages of life. We are theologically progressive and politically diverse - and we welcome all. We are from Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Unitarian and many other faith traditions - and from no tradition. We are Judson Memorial Baptist Church. We strive to learn about and live the love of God.  We invite you to join us any Sunday morning  


May 22, 2016

Homily:  "Do You Have to be a Trinitarian to be a Christian?" Rev. Travis Norvell

Worship Leader: Joyce Nolen

Personal Reflection: Luise Forseth

Music: Judson Choir (Last time singing until the fall)

Ushers: Joel Frederickson, Larry & Jane Jacobson

Second Hour Education:

   Mike and Linda return to continue the discussion they started on April 24: “Heal the land; heal yourself.” What is broken is not the Land. What is broken is our relationship with the Land. Braiding Sweetgrass ~ What if you loved the Land and felt the Land loved you back? How different would the world be? Would we be talking Climate Change and the wreckage we hand our grandchildren? Since 2004, Judson members Mike Larsen and Linda Nelson have worked to heal their 62 acres overlooking Whitewater State Park. As they struggle to regenerate the former glory of prairie and oak savanna, they view themselves as community builders. They invite you to not only hear (and see in pictures!) their story of healing and love, but to join them in their community building as well. Because the relationship between self and world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved, and then acting. As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us. – Braiding Sweetgrass



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Judson Church is taking a break from StreetFest. There will be no StreetFest for 2016


Judson’s Mission: We are a spiritually grounded community united in providing sanctuary for all who enter. We seek to open ourselves to the healing and the transforming power of God’s love as we seek to follow the life of Jesus: honoring our deepest differences, seeking justice and mercy, discovering and implementing our gifts, and nurturing our children.

Faith Formation

 We're excited to have children and youth gathering once again in their small groups during 2nd Hour - Preschoolers and K upstairs in the Preschool Room; 1-4th graders downstairs in the Rainbow Room; and 6-11th grade-guys upstairs in the Providence Room.


Worship and Wonder

Worship and Wonder during the service after Time with Children. (Worship and Wonder: most 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.)


Worship in May

For as the rain comes down from heaven and does not return until it has watered the earth, making it bring forth and sprout…so shall my word be that goes out…it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and succeed in the thing for which I sent it.                    Isaiah 55:10-11  

April showers really do bring May flowers. As Isaiah says, it's a sign of God's word going forth. We worship together to receive God's word. We worship together to be a part of God's work being accomplished, within us, our church, and our community.

Here are some special notes about the first few Sundays of May…

* May 1 is Recognition Sunday: we will acknowledge, thank, and bless our graduates and our Sunday School / Youth teachers.

* May 8 is Mother's Day. Karla McGray will give the personal reflection. During Time with Children, we will answer the burning question, "Why is it Mother's Day instead of Mothers' Day?"

* May 15 will welcome new members into our church. And Carl Appelquist will give the reflection. What could be more fitting?

Pastor Norvell will continue to inspire and challenge us with his sermons and homilies:

May 1:   "This Wild and Precious Life"

May 8:   "The Courage to Be"

May 15:  "Learning to Speak in Tongues"

May 22:  "Do You Have to be a Trinitarian to be a Christian?"

"Active Involvement--Highly Engaged Laity" is one of our DNA characteristics. One way this plays out every Sunday is by our worship leaders. In May, they are Gretchen Williams, Sandi Knoche, Leslie Rapp, Joyce Nolen, and Mac Chatfield.

There's a lot happening in Judson worship this month. It's a good thing we have five Sundays this May. It gives us an extra Sunday to worship and Memorial Day weekend to process it all.


Weddings at Judson

We at Judson Church celebrate that Love is now the Law in Minnesota. We worked hard to make marriage equality a reality. If you are a same sex couple looking for a welcoming & affirming church to host and celebrate your wedding then we are here to serve. Please go over our wedding brochure and then set up a meeting to speak with our Pastor, The Rev. G. Travis Norvell. To see our wedding brochure, please click "Weddings".  To see the list of fees, please click "fees" and to see our alcohol policy please click "alcohol"48  b 

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