Bring Your Hopes.
Bring Your Doubts.
Feed Your Soul.

Do you know us? We are seekers, believers, doubters and dreamers who gather each Sunday at the corner of 41st and Harriet. We are married, partnered, single, gay and straight; we are families at all ages and stages of life. We are theologically progressive and politically diverse - and we welcome all.

We are from Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Unitarian and many other faith traditions - and from no tradition. We are Judson Memorial Baptist Church. We strive to learn about and live the love of God.

 We invite you to join us any Sunday morning.



Sermon: "A Holy Disruption" - Rev. Travis Norvell

Worship Leader:  Joyce Nolen

Personal Reflection:  Dave Zumeta

Music: Judson Choir

Time with Children:  Wayne Urbaniak

Ushers: Joel Frederickson, Deb Clark, Gary Tazelaar



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            This week’s announcements - November 20, 2015

wavyLine   Children, Youth and Families

Faith Formation

 We're excited to have children and youth gathering once again in their small groups during 2nd Hour - Preschoolers and K upstairs in the Preschool Room; 1-4th graders downstairs in the Rainbow Room; and 6-11th grade-guys upstairs in the Providence Room.


Worship and Wonder

Worship and Wonder during the service after Time with Children. (Worship and Wonder: most 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.)


Worship in November

O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever.  Psalm 107, 1

The Worship Committee continues to explore ways, big and small, to make worship more accessible to the whole Judson community. One issue we are tackling is the difficulty some have with the playground gate and with the heavy doors. In response, we are considering re-creating and modifying the role of greeters, people who can welcome worshipers and help with the gate and doors. Do you have an interest in assisting in that role? If so, please let a Worship Committee member know. And if you see other barriers to full participation in our service, please let one of the Worship Committee members know (Deadra is chair).

November 1 is All Saints Day where we remember and honor Judson’s saints. Immediately after communion that day we will take a new, full congregation picture. So please try to be there. On November 15, we celebrate Déadra’s ordination which takes place that afternoon at 3 pm. The annual Advent Workshop is on the next Sunday, November 22, and just after Thanksgiving on the 29th is Leftover Sunday. The children and youth who typically have a turkey dinner should be sure to save the wishbones and bring them to church that Sunday. And we’ll have a few extras too. Importantly, November 29 is also the first Sunday of Advent. And though it seems impossible in these beautiful fall days, we will be launched into Advent.

  2015-16 Mission Year Kick-Off 

The Missions Committee has been reflecting on the story of Stone Soup and how we each bring our own special ingredients to any effort our community takes on. We are also hoping that now, after a few years of being introduced to different missions and causes which Judson holds dear through our “mission of the month” approach, we are ready to continue to support our chosen missions, and also become more deeply engaged in a few of the justice related areas to which we may be called -and through which we may be able to experience the unrealized creative and healing power a focused and determined community might possess.

Weddings at Judson

We at Judson Church celebrate that Love is now the Law in Minnesota. We worked hard to make marriage equality a reality. If you are a same sex couple looking for a welcoming & affirming church to host and celebrate your wedding then we are here to serve. Please go over our wedding brochure and then set up a meeting to speak with our Pastor, The Rev. G. Travis Norvell. To see our wedding brochure, please click "Weddings".  To see the list of fees, please click "fees" and to see our alcohol policy please click "alcohol"

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